Grim Nonsense

Grim Nonsense is a young hip hop revolutionary from West Texas. Grim first debuted in the Rap Game in 2015 and in just a few short years has proven himself a Master Chef of Hip Hop cuisine. Cooking together thought provoking topics, we as a people face daily, with a deep phat West Coast sound. Couple that with significantly "Pro Teen" hooks that get you burning off the rip and deliver it clean, fresh and straight steamy to an audience hungry for the return of real hiphop....We are then left for one helluva recipe for a good time and a great hit!

Grim Nonsense has traveled the country delivering his talents and message to fans of all ages, ethnicity's, and genders. From Texas to Colorado to Illinois to Washington to Oregon to Missouri to Oklahoma, we see his influence stretched across the airwaves. With every song we get released to us we find an astonishing essence..he just keeps getting better!

Grim now lives in Portland, Oregon where he continues to further his dreams and aspirations of delivering what is slowly becoming a relinquished art in our mainstream media.


"Grim has just displayed the most dynamic performance I have ever seen" AD THE GENERAL (CASSIDY'S MANAGER)


"These guys kill it every time. I'd have them back any day" Jason D (owner of the Obar Lubbock Tx)


"You literally killed it dude after you left I was never gonna find anybody to clean freestyle as good as you so I killed the show" -Dan Goodman (owner of the Dab Lounge Colorado Springs and Operator of Sunday Sesh  Blazin98.5 fm)


"That white boy gots some bars homie" TANK ( Denver Colorado's 303 INK coloradoraps host)


"You're my choice for the sesh every time we have one my man" (KingMassiah Owner and Founder of c6sesh Seattle Washington)

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