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  1. Pain
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All I feel is pain//That shit been alleviated//Spelling out the game//and i will not abbreviate it// money on brain i swear to god i frikkin hate it// you get caught dont mention my name// thank you i appreciate it

tell me what i gotta do to see a diff verdict boy on purpose i surface and try to be better person observin the lurkin of an evil serpent who been workin to hurt him and now the world that i be versin// dammit when im young all i wanna do is grow up buy my own blunt wraps drink until i throw up//gonna regret it when im older well baby know what now that im older im turning habits into cold cuts// dont touch drive slow keep off the grass might find another rule buried deep in your ass are these people you ask is it deisel or gas strong enough to make a point but too feeble to grasp// what is the meaning of life and why do i exist why do they scheme in the night i think i mightve missed a particle beaming of light now get a sight of this i dabble with demons and tell them i am just a scientist